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Your computers and electronic gadgets can sometimes seem like an impossible puzzle until you are shown the correct solution.

With SIMBIUS the pieces of the puzzle will click effortlessly into place, giving you an explained solution that matches your needs.

If you need an experienced engineer , consultant , liaison, teacher , cabling-person(s) , project manager - all these are roles we have experience of and can do - just ask ..!

We also do domestic on-site, at-home support, for families, students, OAPs, homeworking Company Directors; on laptops , tablet computers , phones, Audio, TVs, PCs etc.

We respond with the considered correct solution for your requirements and budget and timescale - two out of three are easy, simultaneously needing the third at the same time is often the problem !

We are enthusiastic, highly skilled, resourceful, trained, experienced "Solutions Specialists" and communicate in 'English' ie not techobable!

We can design custom systems , each properly tailored specifically for you at your company or home , or tent at an Outside Broadcast or even a Festival.

We will, if required, redefine the puzzle so you can have the solution you need.





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