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  We can devise solutions for obscure problems, when you want a wiper mechanism for the webcam mounted watching a building growing over a year...
 Given a wealth of experience and real world knowledge, it is possible to re-engineer a problem into a useable functional solution.

 We recommend you buy computers and equipment direct, to cut out any of the warranty issues through us. This saves you any mark up, and lessens needless paperwork. We can fully specify the order on your behalf, and will chase up any issues for you.

 We know about how-to resolve wireless issues, in Grade2 listed buildings or new-build foil insulated homes.

 The concept of 'lock-in' ongoing support contracts is great, but, in the present climate, we would not be happy selling these.

 Computers still need 'servicing' regularly, depending on usage. Defrag, Scandisk, cleaning Temp and Cache out, Malware scans can and should be done without needing IT Support, but failure to login or start/boot up needs advice before any more damage is done.

 We can use a state of the art Remote Monitoring system that allows us to continually monitor your infrastructure, including on-site servers and client systems, off-site systems (including laptops) and your externally hosted website.

 Our remote monitoring will provide an up to date health status check of all the systems being monitored, provide an inventory of the systems as well as alert us to any changes made outside of specified parameters. Where such changes occur, the system will automatically generate helpdesk tickets, which can be tracked.





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